As I grow into the next phase of my life – into the life of the Wild Woman – the Wise Woman – the Crone – It is my life purpose to share my Intuitive and Mediumship abilities with the intention of helping others. Although my interests and experiences with six-sensory mystical living have been prevalent in my life since childhood, it was in 2013 when I really dove into Psychic Development on a deeper level with professional classes, personal study, and practice, but even more importantly, my connection to my female ancestors and personal research of magical women throughout history.

In the years developing my intuition and mediumship skills, I honed in on Tea Leaf Reading (also called Tasseography or Tasseomancy) as the divination tool that most resonated with me and aligned with my lifelong journey as an Intuitive Psychic Medium.

With its deep connection to fortune telling women in the past and an interest into my own magical ancestry, I have found there is no program of study or religion, especially those that are based on a patriarchal structure, that can stand up to the teachings of the mystical women who came before me. In all of my readings, I like to believe my ancestor grandmothers sit at the table with me, guiding me, with the purpose of passing on these magical gifts and rituals. I believe the beautiful Art of Tea Leaf Reading as a time-honoured, and feminine-based divination practice is a gift to be passed down for generations to come.

Yours truly in all things mystical and magical,