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Cross Stitch Resources for Beginners

I did a lot of cross stitching after graduating from my Fashion Design program many years ago. When I started back up cross stitching after a hiatus of many years of different jobs, mostly all related to Art and Design and particularly Textile Arts in most recent years, I figured I knew a lot, but wow, was I surprised to find out there were so many things I didn’t know that could help me become more proficient with this Fine Craft. I have saved a whole lot of time by learning some great tips, basically starting from the ground up again, from those who have years more of experience than I do in cross stitching! I feel I could still learn so much more. Here are some links that I highly recommend and several of them are YouTube videos, many of them you can watch while stitching. I’m Canadian, so I’ll mention the Canadian links I follow and I will keep updating my list whenever I can. This is just a start. Please do let me know if there’s a link or two I should add to this list!

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FlossTube Channels /Cross Stitch Experts

Modern Folk Embroidery – absolutely beautiful cross-stitch designs by Jacob de Graaf inspired by centuries of arts & crafts. He also sells period sampler reproduction charts based on samplers in his personal collection. His website is and there are many gorgeous designs to choose from. His FlossTube Videos are a wealth of information as well.

Off the Grid Needlearts – (Canadian) – A flosstube channel I’ve been watching that I found out about through watching Modern Folk Embroidery. She sells some project kits of his and is also the supplier of the absolutely beautiful Leo&Roxy Yarn Co floss, which I hope to see if I can make conversions to my patterns from the DMC palette I’ve been using. Evertote also makes project bags for stitchers and the shop is – – They also hold a popular retreat in Ontario, Canada called Stitch North.

Maximum Cross Stitch Power Hour with Ellen Reid – (Canadian) – I love watching her while I stitch and love her sense of humour.

Michelle Bendy Stitchy on YouTube – Hours of great info to watch while you’re stitching and you’ll feel like you’ve got a best friend stitching beside you! I love the social justice info she brings to her FlossTube channel along with her beautiful patterns and stitching. Her website is – I finished her Personal is Political pattern and loved stitching it.

Lindy Stitches on YouTube – also fun to watch and she also has beautiful designs. I am coveting her Dracula pattern at the moment and hope to stitch it someday. Her website is

Gracie Robles Cross Therapy – I found Gracie on Instagram @gracie.robles and she has impeccable taste with the patterns she chooses to stitch! Her Youtube channel is Gracie Robles Cross Therapy

Kansas City Girl in a Colorado World – on instagram @kansascitygirlinacoloradoworld and on Youtube at Kansas City Girl in a Colorado World

Lord Libidan – Cross Stitch Blog with so much great information, from what materials to use, to what design software is best, to skin colour choices, and more.

Cross Stitch Techniques

Important YouTube Cross Stitch Topics to search for –
I’ve done the searches for you below!

How to Stitch Two over One vs. Two over Two

What Fabrics to use for Cross Stitch

What type of stand/hoop do I use for Cross Stitch?
I am currently using a Morgan Lap Stand for sitting in a comfy chair watching Youtube Ghost Hunting shows (a bit of an obsession) and I also use Tapestry Scroll frames that I have always loved to use. There are lots of stitchers who use Q snap frames, which I have never tried, and I would also love to try out some other beautifully hand-crafted needlework stands I have seen online. I would love a table top stand, a lap stand and a new floor stand as well, like a Lowery Stand – good lighting and magnification would help too.

Starting Threads:
Starting cross stitches with the Loop Method – Stitched Modern
Loop Start and 2 other ways to anchor a thread – Notorious Needle (Video) – but then there’s an additional post from her on 8 ways to start a thread!

Finishing Threads:
Ending a Thread with Notorious Needle
And finishing methods to introduce you to the RSN Stitch Bank – visit (the Royal School of Needlework I mention below under Other Sites of Interest.

Working with Beads – I added beads to a recent pattern of mine – Black Sampler November – Hex Signs for #blacksamplernovember and so I found this clear and easy tutorial that might be helpful if you’ve never added beads to your cross stitching – Beads: Accenting your Cross Stitch Projects with flair on


You hopefully have a LNS (Local Needlework Store), but here are some online shops you might like to check out! I’ll add to this as I purchase more supplies:

Fan Girl Fibers – – amazing resource for cross stitching and crochet and knitting. I participated as a designer in her 31 Days of Haunted America Halloween Box and highly recommend her boxes.

Sarcygurl (Canadian) on Instagram – @sarcygurl and Sarcygurl on Etsy – I do have to look into her floss tags that everyone is talking about for floss storage!

Other Sites of Interest

The V & A Museum – EmbroideryThe RSN – The Royal School of Needlework – If I were to go back to formal studies, this is the only school I would wish to go to!

DMC Threads – I have not ordered from them, because I am able to find DMC threads everywhere here that sells craft supplies and I have used them for years. They have some free patterns on their site as well. As mentioned above, I’d love to try some other thread/floss/yarn brands as well to add to my collection and possibly design some patterns around specific floss brands. As always, designing will be a work in progress… Luckily, I just love the process and every day I am thankful to be able to do what I love to do.