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Witchmas in July!

In December 2021, I had fun sharing each day of this Merry Witchmas pattern for free (for the limited time during the month of December!) It was a big month long project that kept me on my toes, but brought me so much joy and satisfaction. I met so many new people on Instagram and felt the cross stitching community embrace me as a new cross stitch designer. I thank each and every one of you for that, whether you shared my work, downloaded my patterns, stitched one or all of them. You are all truly appreciated.

As promised last year, I was able to consolidate all of the patterns into one large pattern and it is now for sale in my Shop!

Merry Witchmas Cross Stitch Pattern by The Laurel Witch

25 days of Cross Stitching for December + a Bonus Happy Holidays/Boxing Day Pattern!

I’ve also included an alternative Summer Solstice pattern to replace Dec 21 day on the next page, as these Wheel of the Year dates are very important for many Witches.

There are lots of choices with this pattern – stitch them all as a whole pattern or just stitch the ones you like. Stitch one a day if you’re a fast stitcher or stitch them whenever you’re feeling that witchly holiday magic. Simply frame the whole pattern as an advent calendar to hang on the wall during the Witchmas Season or get ultra-creative and Cross Stitch them one-by-one and make them into Witchmas Bunting or finish them into ornaments to hang on your Witchmas tree!

Merry Witchmas to you!

Merry Witchmas Day 1 Example
Merry Witchmas Day 13 Example
Merry Witchmas Day 19 Example
Merry Witchmas Day 24 Example


Merry Witchmas Bonus Pattern Example